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Hello I am Mr. Jean-Marie Marc DROUET I am citizen Français live in Paris, my ability to pay goes up to €3 000 000 to an individual. VU Many scams that currently exist on the loan between particular, I inform you that many precautions have been taken in order to ensure and guarantee that lends itself to applications. My interest rate is unique and is not negotiable, fixed at 3% of the total requested. I also ask that close attention to bids from Africa (Ivory Coast, Benin and others...), because almost all people with that I come in contact already they have been victim of scam. These scams have grown so much to the point that even the TV channels talk (M6 and another string of Africa) mi the offer is serious, you may be able to count on the procedure that is the legal procedure of loan between particular. Thanks I would like to be contacted by serious people, be able to repay the loans. Refunds begin the 5th of each month after the transferred funds. If you are interested contact me. and you won't be disappointed I promise really

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