Mision Veracruz

Mision Veracruz is a 4* hotel located in Veracruz, Mexico. It features 65 rooms and swimming pools.

Mision Veracruz
Mision Veracruz

Mision Veracruz is located in Costa de Oro, a financial district surrounded by shopping centers, restaurants and museums, close to La Bamba beach. Located approximately 6 miles from Veracruz International Airport and 9 miles from San Juan de Ulua, the hotel is an excellent choice if you want to visit a number of city attractions.

The property is ideal for business travelers and vacationers that want a comfortable and quiet place to make the most of their stay while enjoying practical amenities and facilities. Mision Veracruz has a swimming pool, a restaurant, a meeting room and wireless internet access. Its accommodations rooms are equipped with convenient amenities for you to enjoy a restful night during your stay in the inviting port of Veracruz.

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