Hotel Cervantes

Hotel Cervantes is a 4* hotel located in Guadalajara, Mexico. It features 100 rooms and swimming pools.

Hotel Cervantes
Hotel Cervantes

Your next business trip or vacation to the city of Guadalajara will be a pleasant one when you choose to stay at Hotel Cervantes. This hotel offers beautiful views of the downtown area, with its unique blend of colonial and modern architectural styles. With a rich history that dates back more than 450 years, this city is one of the most important in Mexico.

In order to provide guests with a comfortable stay, Hotel Cervantes offers amenities including a restaurant, bar, parking and a heated pool where you can exercise any time of year. Enjoy excellent services and warm hospitality when you stay at this hotel, and make your next visit to Guadalajara a pleasant one.

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24% Last Minute
Travel 6/22/18 - 6/24/18
24% Summer
Travel 7/9/18 - 7/15/18