Melaque, Manzanillo

Located in the western coast of Mexico, between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta, Melaque is in the state of Jalisco. Together with Obregon Village, Melaque forms a coastal community that offers very nice beaches and the largest number of lodging place

Melaque beach, in addition of being constituted by Villa Obregon, is shared to the east with Bay of Navidad which belongs to the Village of Navidad. This area is an ideal spot visited by many tourists because is great for swimming and enjoying the beach and the sun.

Melaque has become very popular due to the increasing number of lodging options that this area offers. In the Costa Alegre, Melaque features over 50 places to accommodate tourists and, therefore, it is a great choice for vacations.

Melaque is a place just to relax under the sun. However, visitors usually decide to take a van-tour to explore the surrounding area. Some like to go even further and discover a desert beach or spent a fishing day.

Regarding water activities, friends and families like to get the "banana ride" and to enjoy the tranquil waters of this beach.

At a short walking distance and after the trailer park, there is a great place to snorkel in a nice beach named Cuestocomatito, which extends 200 meters. It can be accessed by hiking, by boat, or by a long dirt road off of highway 200. Melaque offers also diving instructors.

Tourists should also know the town central square. In this square there are several useful services, such as pharmacy, newsstand, post office, and the municipal building. Next to it is the the public market which sells from food to handicrafts. In town it is possible to play billiard, to dance in a disco, or to visit a bookstore.

In addition, you can enroll in an art workshop since there is a place where the ancient Japanese process of beautiful Raku fired ceramics is taught. Techniques such as painting, sponging, dipping, and spraying are some of the ways to carry out this spontaneous process that many people like.

In regard to places to eat, Melaque offers it all. With dozens of good yet different restaurants options, the possibilities are really wide.

Among the main festivities held here, you should not miss March 17th. Saint Patrick´s Day as well as Villa Obregon Fests at the end of January and early February; the Easter Holly Week either in March or April is also very attractive.

Melaque has good earth transport as well as aerial connections, since the Manzanillo International Airport is really close to it. Melaque features good medical services in case of emergency. And there are also real state agencies for those who consider this kind of investment in the wonderful Costa Alegre.


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