Manzanillo, Mexico

Manzanillo is a touristic and industrial port. Its name came up because of the plentiful Chamomile trees that used to grow in this place in the times of Hernan Cortes. The fruit of this tree were tinny sweet and sour red or yellow marbles, and the wo

Manzanillo is the main commercial port in the Pacific because of the significant volumes of cargo for exportation and importation that operates in its wharf. It is also known as the "World Capital of Sailfish" because in 1957 it was established the world record for sail fish. Currently in the Historic Center in front of the pier there is a monument to the sailfish fishing sport, designed by the Mexican sculptor Enrique Carbajal.

You can reach Manzanillo either by road (several bus companies offer the trip), by air trough major airlines or by boat / cruise ships with state of the art harbor facilities. Manzanillo is only 98 Km from the city of Colima, and between Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta.

Manzanillo is one of the most significant tourist destinations of Western Mexico that every year receives an increasing amount of national and foreign tourists. It covers two bays that because of their similar features are known by twins, "La Bahia de Santiago" which is the newest and the highest quality area and "La Bahia de Manzanillo" which is closer to Downtown and is the tourist oldest area. Both are divided by a piece of land called "Peninsula de Santiago", home of some of the most attractive tourist complexes in the country and the world.

Grand Tourism hotels, shopping centers and commercial buildings, were apparently inspired by the Mediterranean influences, and Spanish Moorish. The main tourist attraction are the beaches, and the very important contest of fishing twice a year. There are many aquatic activities you can´t miss like diving, snorkel, surf, kayak, and swimming. There are many restaurants around the town offering all kinds of food, with a great view of the Pacific Ocean.

The climate in Manzanillo is sub-humid, very warm and with minimum moisture. Its temperature all year round is about 26°C, and there is a mild rain season between June and October.

The most beautiful feature of Manzanillo are the golden beaches. "La Bahia de Manzanillo" houses the beaches: Ventanas, Las Coloradas, El Viejo, San Pedrito, Las Brisas, Playa Azul, Salahua, Las Hadas y la Escondida; it also houses Manzanillo´s downtown pier, The public Wharf and The internal port. "La Bahía de Santiago" houses the beaches: La Audiencia, Santiago, Olas Altas, Miramar y La Boquita. The coastal road, passes along both bays and most of the hotels are located on or very near the road. The Manzanillo airport is located 22 miles west on the road.

Manzanillo has important celebrations each year, "La Fiesta de Mayo" Is one of the most important celebrations, it begins in the late April, and lasts 2 weeks and ends around May 10th. In this celebration there are numerous events including sports, art exhibitions, parades, concerts, regional dances and carnivals. "La fiesta de Guadalupe" celebrates the Patron Saint "The Virgin of Guadalupe" it begins the on December first and lasts 12 days, there are parades, typical dances and offerings to The Virgin of Guadalupe.

Be sure to also visit: The ecological Center "Tortugario", Salt Museum, Palo Verde Estuary, The University Museum of Archeology and The shells and snails museum.


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