Labna, Yucatan

In the southeast side of the Yucatan Peninsula, Labna is 29 km or 18 miles south of Uxmal; it lies east of Xlapak and Sayil. Labna is one of the best examples of Puuc style that is characterized by the richness of details in the architecture and buil

Labna is a city that belongs to the Late Classic period. It is thought that it was built around the VIII century. Recently, thorough studies have been undertaken here and 4 buildings have been restored.

Labna is one of the best examples of Puuc architectural style in the Yucatan Peninsula. Different buildings can be admired in this site, like the arch, the "Mirador", or the Palace. In all cases, the rich Puuc style can be observed in form of carved details and well cut stones that give shape to patterns and symbols.

Regarding the Arch, it is not a free- standing structure like those in other Mayan cities like Uxmal; it is rather a passage within a complex.

Several details are present in this building style, like the masks that represent the god of rain, Chaac.

The "Mirador" building is considered older than other structures in the site. It is a structure featuring 3 rooms with a towering roof crest on the front wall.

This interesting archaeological site is open to the public and can be visited from 8 am to 5 pm.

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