Celestun, Yucatan

This beautiful fishermen port will let you astonished, he will steal your breath more than once with its stunning natural scenery. The weather is mostly warm and semi wet, with moderate rains all year long, the average annual temperature is 80°F. I

Celestun is 1 hour about West Merida, and two hours about from the Merida International Airport, in Yucatan.

Flamingos has become a distinctive insignia of Celestun, where you can find many of these birds all the time in the estuary. You can take a boat ride from The Federation of boaters of Celestun that take you from all over the estuary.

You have two options from the ride the northern rout that foes from the estuary to the coast, which includes the area where the flamingos nest, the mangroves and the eye of water "Baldiosera" which is the concentration of fresh water inside the mangrove, and its clear waters invite you to jump in and refresh yourself.

And the route of the South, which includes visits to the petrified forest a place where we can see the creativity of nature as plastic artist: the dead trees give many surreal and capricious forms and shapes, here the time seems not to move a second, then you will pass through "Punta Pelicano" or Pelican Point and the ex coconut farm in San Joaquin, finally you will see the ruins of Real de Salinas, an early last century industry, that used to export salt, even today you may recognize the courtyards of drying, the main house, the chapel and warehouses.

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