Xalapa, Veracruz

The capital city of the state of Veracruz is located close to the geographic center of the state covering a surface of 118 square km. or 45 square miles. The city is at the skirts of the Macuiltepetl Hill and the surrounding towns are Banderilla, Coa

Xalapa is the capital city of the state of Veracruz. Since the city lacks industry, it is the service sector the one that has developed. In addition, the educational and cultural offer of this city is considered one of the best in Mexico. Thus, the main businesses in Xalapa today are government, education, and tourism.

The public university or "Universidad Veracruzana" has its main campus in Xalapa and serves more than 60 thousand students in 30 different disciplines. The University Institute of Anthropology was in charge of the construction of the new Anthropology Museum which holds important collections of the Olmeca, Huasteca, and Totonaca cultures. This building itself is a good example of contemporary architecture.

Xalapa features beautiful architecture. For instance, the downtown Highschool is a good example of the French influence at the beginning of the XX century during Porfirian times. But the Cathedral, the "Xalapeño" Stadium, the Church of "Las Animas", the "Lencero" Mansion - once President Santa Anna´s house, - and the Juarez Park are other interesting sites that are worth the visit. Recently, the Museum of Technology opened its doors too.

Nearby Xalapa, a visit to Texolo Waterfall and the town of Xico are smart choices to interact directly with natural beauties, to appreciate traditions, and to taste excellent regional food.

Naolinco is only 32 km. or 20 miles from Xalapa and offers a nostalgic atmosphere amid cobblestones streets, colorful house facades and balconies. This destination is a center of leather handicrafts including purses, belts, jackets, boots, among other fine products. The town features a XVIII century cathedral and, very close, a gorgeous waterfall can be visited.

Coatepec is at only 8 km. or 5 miles from Xalapa and is worldly recognized for its delicious, aromatic coffee. Its great gastronomy and unrivalled natural beauties turn Coatepec into a truly visitable destination.

Biking, hiking, camping, climbing, and bird watching are just some options that Xalapa offers to its visitors. Excellent tourist infrastructure makes Xalapa a destination for those moving away from the traditional concept of vacations.

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