Poza Rica, Veracruz

Poza Rica is located in the north of the State of Veracruz in the vanilla growing region named Papantla. It borders with Tihuatlan, Coatzintla, and Papantla and together they form its metropolitan area. Poza Rica is south of Tuxpan, Naranjos and Tamp

Poza Rica is considered an industrial town at the eastern foot of the mountains named East "Sierra Madre". The wealth of Poza Rica comes from the oil industry that started to be obtained in the 1920´s, though the city was founded in 1951. Therefore, it features a young population and contemporary buildings.

Today Poza Rica takes advantage of its geographic location and offers tourists a starting point to visit the region of Totonaca and Huasteca cultures in the state of Veracruz.

Tourist options include from archaeological sites like El Tajin, to extreme adventures in the Filobobos River, to practice rafting, to delicious gastronomic experiences in the region of Tamiahua.

Among Poza Rica main attractions are its murals. One of them can be admired on the facade of the Palace of the Municipality or City Hall. It is an outstanding work by artist Pablo O´Higgins.

In the limits of Poza Rica and its neighbor Coatinztla, a gorgeous golf course is home to an annual tournament that attracts many international players.

Poza Rica downtown area offers a good shopping experience and from "Cerro del Abuelo" or Grandpa´s Hill, a great view of the city can be admired.

Nine miles or 15 km. from Poza Rica is the beautiful archaeological zone named El Tajin. This place functioned as the capital of the Totonacas, people that still live in regions of Puebla and Veracruz.

Totonacas lived for more than 100 years under Aztec domination. When the Spanish conquerors arrived, Totonacas were among the first indigenous groups to join the invading forces in order to defeat Aztecs. Regional power in El Tajin reached its peak about 100 A.D. The first inhabitants were more closely related to the "Huastecos" of northern Veracruz than to the "Totonacas", who came to the area during the Post classic Era.

The Pyramid of the Niches is El Tajin most famous building. It raises 20 meters on seven stories and features a wide staircase in its eastern side.

Regional, small airlines offer flights to and from Poza Rica - Tajin Airport.

Close to Poza Rica beautiful beaches can be visited, like Tecolutla, Cazones, and Tuxpan.

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