Mascota, Vallarta

Mascota is a town located in the western Mexican state of Jalisco at the eastern skirts of the Sierra Madre mountains. It was founded at the end of the XVI century. Its name derives from the nahuatl word Mazacotla, which means place of deers and snak

Mascota is west of Guadalajara and southeast of Puerto Vallarta, each at a two and a half hour drive. Mascota is north of Talpa and south of San Sebastian del Oeste. It lies east of Boca de Tomatlan and Yelapa.

From Guadalajara and from Vallarta options to reach Mascota are either by bus or by car. The trip lasts around two and a half hours. There are also planes departing from Vallarta.

Mascota represents rural Mexico and it is a beautiful town that tourists who have the opportunity should visit. Among its attractions, Mascota features a historical downtown, a site museum, an archaeological museum, and an interesting church named Temple of the Precious Blood. The architecture of the town exemplifies the splendor of past times.

As a rural settlement, Mascota deals a lot with agricultural activities, cattle raising, and livestock. Horse raising and horse related activities stand out among them.

Given its geographic location amidst the “Sierra Madre” - the western mountain chain that runs along the country - Mascota is a great place to practice treking, mountain biking, horseback riding, sport fishing, canoing, and boating. In addition, visitors who like water activities will find a special place to practice water skiing in the Corrinchis Dam as well as in the Laggon of Juanacatlan, that is actually a volcano crater.

There are several, nice, and comfortable hotels located in Mascota and in the nearby; all of them at affordable prices. Tourists, therefore, should spend more than one day visiting this gorgeous destination and its surrounding attractions.

Nearby towns that should also be visited include Yerbabuena which is just south of Mascota (2 km), and Navidad, which is 14 kilometers from Mascota. Other towns are San Sebastian del Oeste and Cimarron.

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