La Cruz de Loreto, Vallarta

Sixty miles south of Puerto Vallarta, within the county of Tomatlan in the state of Jalisco, is the location named La Cruz de Loreto, reachable only by boat.

South of Puerto Vallarta, following the coastline, you will find La Cruz de Loreto, a place like no other. This spot has a kind of harmony with nature, with thousands of palm trees, rivers, swamps, forests, and a very large population of birds. Please note that the only way to reach the point where the rivers meet the ocean is by boat.

Cruz de Loreto it is a colorful village that will allow the tourist to coexist with the customs and traditions of the villagers.

Besides, just 3 miles from La Cruz de Loreto village, in the state of Jalisco, near the Pacific Ocean and 2 hours south from Puerto Vallarta, you will find the "Hotelito Desconocido" or the Unknown Little Hotel, that is well worth the visit. With several cabins over a lake inhabited by more that 150 species of birds.

You can spend a very relaxed vacation at La Cruz de Loreto in a truly natural environment.

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