Your Money and Payment

At destinations such as Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Acapulco, paying with US currency is generally accepted. However, paying with Mexican Pesos is strongly recommended, especially when you´re out of the beaten path.

Traveler Checks: If you need to carry large amounts of money, traveler checks are the recommended way. Traveler Checks can be exchanged in any large city at bank offices or at some exchange offices. Banks usually offer the best exchange rates. Some exchange offices will exchenage traveler checks at much lower rates than cash.

Bank offices are available at all major cities. If you plan a several day trip to more remote regions, please prepare and carry some cash in Mexican Pesos with you. Bank branches such as HSBC are abundant all over Mexico. However, regions such as Yucatan and Chiapas interior you may need to travel several hours to get to a bank or exchange offices. We suggest you to get informed about the branch locations before starting your trip.

Carrying Cash: Never show your money and you should never keep a considerable amount of cash in your hotel room during your absence. Remember that opportunity makes thieves. If you travel around, divide your cash into several places such as purse and belt and when paying, do not expose all your money.

Money Exchange: Try to exchange money and not to keep too much of foreign currency. Foreign currency can be exchanged at your hotel, money exchange offices or bank branches. Banks usually offer the best rates but check the exchange rate in the exchange office nextdoor before.

Exchanging money at the hotel, shops or restaurants is not recommended. They take advantage of their convenient location, and as they´re not focused on the exchange business, their exchange rate is far below of the official one.

Credit or Debit Card: Remember best exchange rate is offered by electronic exchange! Using debit card at establishments is not much recommended, as its availability depends on the bank connection the establishment is using; but you can use debit card to get money from an ATM. Please consult your bank at home with which of the Mexican banks they are partnered.

Payment by Credit Card is accepted by most of the shops and restaurants in the major vacation resorts. Please ask before entering. The credit cards mostly accepted are VISA and Master Card. American Express is supported to a lower extend.

If you pay by credit card, make sure your credit card doesn't get out of your sight. Some frauds have been reported by cloning credit cards. Insist in being present during the charge of the credit card, if the establishment hasn't the equipment to charge your credit card in front of you. Last tip: Keep all your tickets and compare with your bank account at your return. Be sure that there hasn't been any double charges!

Fortunately, as a foreign customer you are well protected by your credit card company. Anyhow, follow these rules just to prevent any hassles.