Tampico, Tamaulipas

Located 243 km. or 150 miles southeast of the capital city of the state, Tampico embraces the cities of Altamira and Madero to shape their metropolitan area. It borders south with the Panuco River, which is a natural border with the state of Veracruz

The Port of Tampico is considered the most important maritime exportation center of goods in the country. But Tampico is a city of elegance that can be appreciated in its historical Downtown area.

The Cathedral of Tampico is known as the Temple of the Immaculate Conception and was built in the XIX century, featuring Neoclassical and Corinthian styles.

The cathedral is placed next to Constitution Square which is the main but not the only one. "Libertad" Square is a beautiful public space surrounded by Art Deco buildings.

And the Palace of the Municipality or City Hall, next to the Arms Square, belongs to the beginning of the XX century. Other places that are worth the visit include the University Center, the Gastronomy Market, and the Sea Crafts Market.

The Pyramid of the Flowers is an archaeological site that dates from the year 1000 A.C. and can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday.

Perhaps, what makes Tampico proud of itself regarding architecture is the Maritime Customs Building that was inaugurated by President Porfirio Diaz in the year 1902.

Tampico features a House of Culture and the Metropolitan Cultural Space, just one kilometer from Downtown. This spaces features theaters, library, gallery, and the Museum of the Huasteca Culture. Important archaeological and ethnographic collections show the roots of this culture that flourished here.

Other attractions in Tampico include beautiful beaches, like Miramar. This beach marks the boundary with Tampico sister and neighbor city, Madero. In this beach, both local families and tourists enjoy the sun and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico along with other services, such as restaurants, recreational center, and hotels.

The "Malecon" or sea wall promenade is south of this beach and is locally known as "Las Escolleras". This strip road with an extension of more than 1000 meters was built at the beginning of the XX century to allow ships to enter the Panuco River from the Gulf of Mexico. Nowadays, large ships can be seen maneuvering in this point.

The Tampico Bridge leads towards the neighbor state of Veracruz. After crossing it, it is possible to visit "La Ribera" which offers excellent food as well as "El Solito", an ecologic space with different animals.

A very interesting tour can be taken along the Panuco River. After 3 hours of tour with music and the opportunity to admire the Maritime Customs Building and the docks, a fishing settlement with exceptional seafood can be visited, too.

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