Villahermosa, Tabasco

Villahermosa, capital city of the southern state of Tabasco, means beautiful village. Villahermosa is east of Coatzacolacos, Veracruz and north of Palenque and Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas; it is west of Champoton, Campeche and south of the Gulf of Mexi

Villahermosa, though not an island, is surrounded by water. This marshy city offers more than 13 urban lagoons amid modernity and tradition. It lies in a shallow depression and the Grijalva and Carrizal rivers embrace the city.

Villahermosa features important industries regarding commerce, cattle, oil, agriculture, and fishing.

The city has a beautiful Arms Square that overlooks the Grijalva River. A bridge links the banks allowing great views from this point. The Government Palace is located in this square and presents neoclassical style.

Whereas the cathedral of our Lord of Tabasco started to be built in the early 1960's, the Temple of "La Concepcion" belongs to the end of the XVIII century.

A nice place where to start a city tour is called the Light Zone. It is in the center of the city and has beautiful XIX century buildings. This area of the city is ideal to stroll, rest on a bench, or visit a museum. In addition, several outdoor cafes an restaurants are located here.

"La Polvora" Lagoon is a wonderful park that offers artificial waterfalls, games for children, and snack bars, among other services. Parque Tabasco is a 108 hectare-park with a gorgeous lagoon and extensive green areas. Services and amenities in this park include exhibition areas, a livestock hall, an open-air theater, a cockfight arena, and a show with dolphins.

Moreover, one of the most beautiful lagoons in the city is the Lagoon of Illusions.

Villahermosa features several museums that have interesting exhibitions. For instance, the Regional Museum of Anthropology Carlos Pellicer, named after the local famous poet, displays pieces and artifacts of the Olmeca culture, considered - during certain period - the mother culture in Mesoamerica. The Tabasco History Museum, housed in a beautiful building has XVIII century paintings; the Popular Cultures Museum shows different expressions of Tabasco´s ethnic groups and regions.

However, the most visited site is the Park and Museum La Venta, which features a wonderful zoo. The zoo has a wide variety of local animal species including toucans, jaguars, spider monkeys, boa constrictors, and deers, among others. The Museum has on display the famous giant, basalt heads that belong to the Olmeca culture.

The modern side of the city is characterized specially by the section called Tabasco 2000. In this area are located the City Hall and the state administrative center. In addition, this part of the city became a gorgeous residential area featuring all kind of services from shopping centers, restaurants, a golf course, the Planetarium, and the Convention Center. Tabasco 2000 offers as well four and five-star hotels.

The Most Beautiful Pageant of the State is a contest that takes place during the April Festivities called the Development Fair. Industry and commerce activity samples of the state of Tabasco are shown during this event.

Tabasco is known as tropical paradise. From archaeological zones such as Olmec site La Venta, with sound and lighting shows, to the Mayan ruins of Comalcalco, this southeast Mexican state offers several tourist routes designed to enjoy the region.

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