Xpu Ha, Riviera Maya

Located 15 miles (25 km) south of Playa del Carmen and 45 miles (48 km) north of Tulum, Xpu Ha is a several miles stretch of white sandy beach. Distance from Cancun International Airport is about 80 km or 50 miles. Coming to this location allows tour

Xpu Ha is considered a heavenly place for divers and snorkel lovers. However, it also offers the possibility of sailing, sport fishing, or, simply, relaxing under the sun at its gorgeous beaches. Besides, excursions to Sian Ka´an reserve or to nearby sinkholes or "cenotes" are great options in this beautiful place, only 50 miles or 80 km. south of Cancun International Airport, in the Riviera Maya.

Xpu Ha, that in Maya means Morning Dew, offers several activities from diving to snorkeling. Diving courses are mandatory before anyone without experience goes into the ocean. After the course, you can scuba dive under proper supervision. Snorkeling is also a popular activity since the Mayan reef is the longest one in the western hemisphere.

Just relaxing in these heavenly beaches could be enough for those travelers seeking the ideal spot to get away of traditional tourist destinations. However, at Xpu Ha several activities can be undertaken.

Among water activities, diving stands out, either in the ocean or in eartholes or "cenotes", under proper instruction and supervision. Besides, sport fishing and sailing are two other popular options.

Visiting Mayan ruins, exploring the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka´an, or joining a jungle or cenote tour are some nearby alternative adventures that anyone will enjoy.

From may to august, the turtle season allows visitors to help liberate little turtles back to the sea.

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