Xel-Ha, Eco-Archaeological Park

Xel-Ha, (where water is born in Maya) once a harbor for the ancient Mayas, is now one of the most wonderful ecological and recreational parks. Its main feature is its two interlocking lagoons, providing one of the biggest natural pool to swim and sno

Xel-Ha offers you a complete world to explore, from the jungle to the Caribbean Ocean, its aviary and Sea Turtle reproduction program, or irs incredibly rich marine life.

The main feature of Xel-Ha is its huge lagoons, a snorkel paradise with its transparent turquoise water allowing you to discover thousands of colorful fishe. The inlets and waterways through the jungle are treasures to explore. Don't miss the famous river, flowing around the mangrove, which can be explored while seated on life-savers, or swimming.

Xel-Ha has its own Swimming with Dolphins program, an ideal place to share time with those animals and learn more about them.

Other aquatic activities include Sea Trek, Mayan Cave, and the Cliff of Courage where you can safely practice your jump in the water from a 5 meters rock.

Xel-Ha has developed several ecological programs throughout the years, including the Turtle camp, where they help to preserve the sea turtle. Visitors may participate in hatchling releases on specified evenings. There is also an apiary where they harvest honey as the Mayans did, as part of their program to continue the Maya Traditions. The Tree Nursery is worth the visit, you will learn about the specifics of the mangrove (the only tree in the world which live in salt water) and the locals flora. And do not miss your chance to explore through a guided tour the luxuriant jungle.

To relax, do not hesitate and go directly to Hammock island, where you will enjoy a good rest under the shadow of the palm tree, with the refreshing sound of the water close by. Why not visiting Spa Esalem for a great massage, or take a break at one of the restaurants the park features.

Take a little tour to discover the Mayan Ruins, well worth the visit. Don´t miss the opportunity to visit Tulum, the famous walled city. We offer tours combining both places.

Xel-Ha is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, South of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, and 30 minutes North of Tulum.

Lockers and dressing areas are available for a small fee. Only biodegradable suntan lotion is allowed in the Park. Use of mosquito repellent is strongly recommended. Do not litter or take "souvenirs" from the park, except in pictures. Help us protect the beauty of the place and the endangered fauna and flora of the Caribbean.