Xel-Ha, Rivera Maya

Located 48 km. or 30 miles north of Playa del Carmen and 14 km. or 8.5 miles south of Tulum on the Riviera Maya, Xel-Ha is a great eco-park that offers a lagoon, a natural inlet and a river. It is ideal to spend the day floating in the water, snorkel

Xel-Ha is a water theme eco-park which means that is aware of the importance to protect the ecology while offering many activities related to water, as well as other adventures that everyone will love.

Xel-Ha is considered a spectacular natural aquarium where visitors are able to explore the magic of this unrivalled destination.

When coming to Xel-Ha several different attractions are available. For instance, regarding water activities it is possible to practice snorkel in the crystalline waters of its inlet; or combine snorkeling and scuba to practice "Snuba" allowing divers to get close to the reef and to admire the submarine life there.

In Xel-Ha tourists like the "Sea Trek" adventure since it is an excellent way to step into a world of fishes just by using a completely safe special helmet.

Other alternatives include just floating in the water enjoying the peaceful current or taking a kayak tour across the Black Lagoon and the deep jungle environment.

Different interactive programs with dolphins have been designed in order to offer visitors the richest and most enjoyable experience. Swim with Dolphins Interax Program and Delphinus Primax are two especially designed programs that ensure a safe and unforgettable interaction between dolphins and humans.

Other activities in Xel-Ha include the "Children playground", the "Courage Cliff", "Rope Crossing", and the "Flight of Mo". In addition, the "Conscience Path" invites to realize the importance to preserve nature; and for those with more energy, Xel-Ha offers bikes to ride through this ecologic and magical reserve.

A visit to Xel-Ha ensures ecologic, natural, and relaxing activities while enjoying high quality services in a spectacular natural setting.

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