Xcaret, Eco-Archaeological Park

Xcaret, known as Nature's sacred paradise, is an eco-archaeological park in the Riviera Maya, a few kilometers South of Playa del Carmen. The park offers many activities, from snorkeling and swimming to birds and butterfly watching or enjoying their

Xcaret will offer you paradise, with more activities you can ever imagine. From exploring Mayans ruins on the site (Xcaret was once an important port and a revered ceremonial center) and discovering the replicas of the most important cities of the ancient Mayas, to swimming in the famous and unique underground rivers of Xcaret, rendering a marvelous experience of swimmers who float on their quiet and crystalline waters, born in a natural stream located six meters under ground, among coral formations that many thousands of years ago were in the sea. You will have a great day.

The park features an aviary with over 37 species of birds. Many of them are endangered and are well preserved here. . Some of the species like the red macaw, the Mexican pink flamingo and most recently the royal toucan have reproduced successfully, thanks to the Xcaret Breeding Program. There is one of the largest pavilions in the world dedicated to butterflies, with 4,000 butterflies born each month and you will be able to watch thousands of these colorful animals flying around you.

Why not taking a tour in the jungle, and learn about the plants and trees of the area used by the ancient Mayas in their everyday life. There are 118,000 plants and the native trees At the botanic garden and they can be seen in their natural state.

Do not hesitate to refresh yourself in their underground river or at the beach. You may also discover the submarine world at huge coral reef aquarium, or their "swimming with dolphins" program . Don't forget to visit their sea turtle farm, which Xcaret is helping to preserve by breeding species such as Loggerhead turtle.

Do not miss the shows by night, including the equestrian show. Then the famous and traditional Mayan Ball Game and the spectacular Xcaret at Night with songs and dances from different states of Mexico. The show is included in your entrance ticket. It is well worth the visit and it will give you lots of memories from your vacaction.

Xcaret is located halfway between Cancun and Tulum, about 3 miles south of Playa del Carmen. From Cancun or any other city along the coast, you can reach the park using the modern highway with a rental car. But the easiest way is to use the Xcaret bus if you buy an all inclusive tour to the park as you avoid the driving.

Lockers and dressing areas are available for a small fee. Only biodegradable suntan lotion is allowed in the Park. Use of mosquito repellent is strongly recommended. Do not litter or take "souvenirs" from the park, except in pictures. Help us protect the beauty of the place and the endangered fauna and flora of the Caribbean.