Xcaret, Riviera Maya

Located 45 minutes south from Cancun and about 10 minutes south from Playa del Carmen, Xcaret is a wonderful place next to the sea where interesting Mayan ruins can be admired. Moreover, a few years ago, Mexican entrepreneurs bought some acres in

South of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, visitors will be astonished with the natural landscapes and the many activities that can be enjoyed in Xcaret.

Xcaret was an important Maya settlement that is believed to have been inhabited from years 1400 to 1520. Since the name means "small inlet" it is believed that this place was used both for commercial and ceremonial purposes.

According to archaeological studies, Xcaret was a Mayan site that featured important commercial and maritime activities during the Late Post-Classic period.

Different articles and commodities used to be traded among Mayan people. Therefore, ships used to arrive here carrying different products such as fish, copal, honey, and metal objects, among many other.

Moreover, it is believed that in these waters surrounded by natural sinkholes considered sacred, Mayans purified themselves in order to visit Ixchel, the goddess whose worshiping sanctuary was located in the nearby island of Cozumel.

Today it is possible to discover the vestiges of the rich cultural heritage that Mayas left behind.

The site of Xcaret is now surrounded by the 250 acre ecologic park that is internationally recognized as a wonderful recreational and cultural attraction.

Mayan culture and history are preserved in a museum that was built within the park. Several archaeological sites are scattered throughout Xcaret and it is really interesting to discover them while strolling the park.

Regarding water activities in Xcaret, visitors can swim in the two 500 meter long rivers and enjoy the underwater attractions exploring the crystalline waters.

Besides, the "cenotes" or sink holes that are actually the mouth of underground rivers are really interesting to explore.

The park has the purpose to keep the delicate balance of the ecosystems that live here. Therefore, flora and fauna exhibitions are permanent in Xcaret so everyone can enjoy these gifts of nature.

In addition, visitors to Xcaret have the possibility to go to the aquarium and to admire treasures that were reserved only for divers.

Bio-diversity is well represented in Xcaret. Xcaret proofs that culture and conservation of nature, together with entertainment and recreation are mutually inclusive activities.

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