Playa Paraiso, Riviera Maya

Located on the Riviera Maya about 12 km. north of Playa del Carmen, Playa Paraiso offers the beauty of the Caribbean Sea amid the most peaceful ambiance. Sun, jungle, and sea are the essential elements that welcome visitors to enjoy both nature and f

Playa Paraiso is an ideal place to find tranquility and enjoyment in the middle of the jungle and next to the Caribbean Sea in the Riviera Maya. The beauty of this natural setting has no parallel, with sandy white beaches, sweet water rivers, estuaries, and plenty of on and off the water activities and tours.

Visitors to Playa Paraiso will find a long beach corridor linking Playa Paraiso with Playa del Secreto. This stretch of beach is full of crabs and turtles nests.

There are different options in regard of lodging in Playa Paraiso. A beautiful, luxury , all-inclusive hotel offers exceptional services and amenities. Moreover, for other budgets, bungalow accommodations are available too.

Nearby Playa Paraiso, Punta Maroma, and Punta Bete are two more options for sun and sea seekers who will be able to swim at the end of a subterranean river that flows into the sea.

Both at Punta Maroma and Punta Bete small, yet good hotels provide basic services that satisfy tourists needs.

Coming to Playa Paraiso allows to visit Tres Rios, which is an outstanding beach area very close to Playa del Carmen. Tres Rios is explorable by foot, by kayak, or by swimming in these gorgeous rivers enjoying the jungle that surrounds the place.

Other alternatives in Tres Rios and its surrounding areas include snorkeling the reef, watching the fauna in the estuary, taking a horseback ride, or being part of a biking tour.

Delicious food can be tasted in these destinations that specialize in Caribbean flavor.

Other spots in the nearby that are great for camping and for unrivalled adventure are Tankah, Xcalacoco, and Paamul, which feature also archaeological ruins pretty much hidden amid the jungle.


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