Playa del Secreto, Riviera Maya

Playa del Secreto in the Riviera Maya is a beautiful beach of fine white sand and a gentle swell. The Riviera Maya is known for its many beautiful beaches, and among all of them is Playa del Secreto, with its delicate and fine powdery sand and gentle

Playa del Secreto is isolated from the bustle, what makes it the perfect beach to just relax and enjoy a sunny day. Playa del Secreto is the most beautiful beach of the Riviera Maya, quiet, with crystalline Caribbean waters and soft white sand. It is located only 29 miles South of Cancun on the road from Puerto Morelos to Playa del Carmen, and is separated from El Paraíso Beach by a narrow three miles stretch. The road to Playa del Secreto passes through mangroves, where you can see hundreds of birds in the trees and iguanas sunbathing on the rocks. This makes it a completely natural experience.

Once at the beach, there is nothing for the most part except the sky and clear water along a stretch of intact sand.

This beach is distinguished for its wildlife as this beautiful place is the favorite for the spawning of sea turtles and crabs nesting. This beach has a very interesting infrastructure that runs on solar and wind energy. Once in the beach you can see a small community of houses, a hostel and even a resort. The kind of accommodation on this beach is the camping, cabins or bungalows. It is a heavenly place where you can swim and snorkel apart from relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere and the landscape.


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