Coba, Rivera Maya

Located within the state of Quintana Roo amid the dense jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula and surrounded by beautiful lakes, and nearby the ancient city of Coba.

Coba is a pre-Hispanic Mayan civilization ruined city and was placed around five lagoons. Different roads made from stone radiate from Coba to diverse sites, some nearby, some far away, like the one heading 100 km. west to the site of Yaxuna.

Located in the State of Quintana Roo and as part of the Riviera Maya, Coba is about 90 km east from Chichen Itza, 44 km northwest from Tulum and 40 km from the Caribbean Sea.

The word Coba means "ruffled waters" and it is one of the oldest Mayan cities in the Yucatan Peninsula. Coba features one of the highest pyramids in the area and it has been distinguished by the numerous concentration of sacbeob or Mayan stone roads, reaching near 40.

Although Coba reached intense activity by the year 600 A. D., it was already inhabited 1000 years before that date.

Several groups of structures are scattered in Coba and many more are planned to be excavated. The highest pyramid is called Nohoch Mul and is 42 m. or 136 ft high. Once in the top, there is a also a good chance to observe the jungle landscape with astonishing tones of green, trees, butterflies, birds, and insects.

There is not an organized bus tour to Coba and visitors will need to walk for about 3 km to find the biggest pyramid. Hiring a guide is recommended due to different roads that can be taken inside the jungle. Opening time is usually 8 to 5.


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