Cholula, Puebla

Located 7 km west of the capital city Puebla, the ancient city of Cholula embraces the municipalities of San Andres Cholula and San Pedro Cholula.

San Pedro Cholula most distinctive feature might be its Catholic temples. Among them, the Parish of San Gabriel Convent is the most important, featuring 49 domes. It is said that there is a chapel for every day of the year. Altogether, there are 165 churches in the city. Its neighbor city, San Andres Cholula features many temples too, like the San Andres Parish, built in the XVI century. The great Pyramid of Cholula, on whose top the Catholic church of Our Lady of the Remedies is built, marks a geographic limit that separates San Pedro Cholula from San Andres Cholula.

The Great Pyramid of Cholula of Pyramid of Tipanipa is actually a pyramid built in honor to Quetzalcoatl, which among pre-Hispanic cultures was the main God. It features a base of 400 meters from side to side covering 25 acres. It is 36 meters or 181 feet high. These data convert it into the largest pyramid base structure in the world.

According to archaeologists, the ceremonial structures of Cholula were in use during the flourishing time of Teotihuacan, between 150 and 450 AC; however, since the pyramid in Cholula covers previous pyramidal constructions beneath, its origin have been traced at least thousand years earlier.

San Pedro Cholula and San Andres Cholula share other interesting attractions, like the Old House of the Governor, the outstanding House of San Luis Tehuiloyocan, and the nearby temples of Santa Maria Tonantzintla, San Francisco Acatepec, and San Bernardino Tlaxcalantzingo.

San Pedro Cholula's main square features an impressive promenade with more than 60 arches, considered the longest in the country. During the so called Golden Years of Mexican film industry, this place was chosen for interesting shots. One example is the film "Enamorada", directed by Emilio "El Indio" Fernandez in 1946.

During September and since hundred of years, San Pedro Cholula celebrates an interesting fair to which thousand of people of the surrounding areas arrive to sell and exchange all kind of products, especially perishable items.

At the same time, San Andres Cholula features a beautiful fountain in its main square, just in front of San Andres Parish. In addition, many hot springs are visited by families who enjoyed the weather and the swimming pools.

Within San Andres Cholula limits, important educational centers and universities are located. This fact has attracted many young people to live here boasting local economies.

Both cities, San Pedro and San Andres Cholula are divided into neighborhoods. Each of them features a different saint or a religious worshiped figure. Hence, throughout the year, continuous religious celebrations and festivities take place here. These traditions give the region plenty of life and color.


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