Monterrey Villa de Santiago, Monterrey

Located 32 km or 20 miles south of Monterrey city, Villa de Santiago or Santiago Village is the new favorite urban development for the people of Monterrey and surrounding areas. This colonial town with narrow, cobblestone streets is preferred on week

It is from the Christan apostle Santiago that this town, considered touristically magical, receives its name. Recently, Villa de Santiago or Santiago Village has become a favorite destination for the people of the state of Nuevo Leon, especially from Monterrey and its neighbor areas.

Visitors will find in Villa de Santiago a traditional, Mexican village that resembles pretty much the colonial times. The streets in Villa de Santiago are narrow and some of them are made of cobblestone. The central square features a nice fountain; and a small church is placed right next to the square.

In the recent years an important number of families have made the decision to move out of Monterrey Metropolitan area into this peaceful and gorgeous village.

Besides, weekend visitors enjoy the tranquil pace of the town as well as its many restaurants where it is possible to taste excellent regional and international cuisines.

In addition, tourists enjoy shopping the colorful handicrafts made by regional artisans. Families usually choose to visit the hot springs in the nearby, the "de la Boca" dam, and, specially, the amazing waterfalls known as "Cola de Caballo" or horsetail.

"Cola de Caballo" waterfalls is about 5 miles from Villa de Santiago. The falls are formed by a river that flows out of the "Sierra Madre Oriental". Its height is approximately 23 meters or 75 feet. "Cola de Caballo" is a natural attraction that has been preferred by residents of Monterrey for a long time. Recently, a nice hotel-resort and a restaurant have opened their doors adding more fun to this destination.

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