Santa Catarina, Monterrey

Located 16 km or 10 miles southwest of Monterrey city, west of San Pedro Garza Garcia, north of Santiago, and south of Escobedo and Garcia, Santa Catarina can be accessed by Highway 40. Beautiful natural attractions can be enjoyed in Santa Catarina,

As part of Monterrey Metropolitan area, Santa Catarina is both a city and municipality in the state of Nuevo Leon. It was founded as a resting place in the road from Monterrey to Saltillo, in the neighbor state of Coahuila.

President Juarez, in the middle of the XIX century, passed through Santa Catarina while he was facing serious political trouble. During that time, he elevated the rank of Santa Catarina from a shelter to a village. Finally, in the late 70´s, Santa Catarina became a city.

Santa Catarina is an extensive municipality that covers a surface of 985 square km. or 380 square miles. Several small communities surround Santa Catarina.

Two important attractions in Santa Catarina are the Huasteca Canyon and the "Cumbres" or Crests National Park.

As part of the "Siera Madre Oriental" or the eastern chain of mountains, Monterrey Crests is a wonderful place for trekking, climbing and outdoor excursions. Recently, UNESCO declared this site part of the Man and the Biosphere Program of Biosphere Reserves.

The Monterrey Crests include the area known as Chipinque, which is an ecologic park where breathtaking landscapes can be enjoyed. Besides "La Estanzuela" is a park that belongs to the state featuring a river and beautiful woods.

"La Huasteca" National Park is within Monterrey Crests and it might be considered a paradise for climbers. The rugged hills offer more than 200 routes for experienced climbers. In addition, mountain bikers find here excellent roads in which to practice their hobby.

Families like to go for a picnic or a hiking day in "La Huasteca". Unfortunately and despite social efforts, a lot of waste has polluted the area. Therefore, anyone visiting this place is encouraged to protect the environment and keep it clean.

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