Monterrey North, Monterrey

The northern side of the city of Monterrey represents the industrial section of this vibrant city. In Monterrey North, visitors will find, in addition to excellent hotels and an interesting entertainment offer, the northern International Airport, a b

The northern part of Monterrey is characterized by its industrial activity and is also a zone where the "maquiladoras" are located.

Within this area there are plenty of alternatives for visitors regardless of the reason of their trip.

In the north of the city, given the fact that a bullring is located here it is possible to attend a function of the wonderful "fiesta brava" or bullfight.

Other spectacles that can be enjoyed in this part of the city include a good game with professional teams either at the baseball stadium or at the soccer stadium.

Monterrey has been characterized by its educational offer, both public and private. In the north side of the city, it is possible to visit the State University Campus of this educational center, which is classified as the third largest Mexican public university. Besides, this university has gained fame because it offers the highest number of academic programs in the northeast of Mexico.

In this area is located a secondary airport named the Northern International Airport. Although not the main airport, it handles both international and domestic flights serving some 5 million passengers yearly.

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