Mexico City Perinorte

The north of Mexico City is considered mostly the industrial and business area of this metropolis. However, there are interesting attractions that visitors and tourist can enjoy a lot. Located in the north part of Mexico City next to the Highway t

When visiting the north side of Mexico City, tourists should keep in mind that this sector features several different hotels for diverse budgets. So everyone can stay for a few nights and enjoy this side of the city.

For instance, in Tlalnepantla you can stay at fine hotels such as the Crown Plaza or the Ramada. And if your travel is related to business, Lindavista Tower, an important business center, is located here featuring 5-star lodging.

Besides, great restaurants can be found here too.

One of the best shopping centers of the city is situated here and it is Perinorte, which is located on Hacienda Sierra Vieja Avenue boarding with the state of Mexico.

This attractive shopping mall opened its doors in 1992 and since then it has been a great option both for inhabitants and visitors to the north part of Mexico city. However, in year 2000, Perinorte went through a major redesign to convert the mall into a more interesting and friendly space for its visitors.

Perinorte offers Perimagico, a unique indoors amusement park which includes bowling. The food area features 20 different options to choose from, including Sanborns Cafe, KFC, and McDonalds.

Another interesting and much newer shopping mall is called Mundo E and everyone should visit it. With a wide entertainment offer, together with excellent food options and dozens of great stores, Mundo E has become one of the favorite places of the public in this part of Mexico City.

Undoubtedly, one of the most known shopping centers in this section is "Plaza Satelite", which is actually situated within the state of Mexico. However, these parts of the cities have merged.

Therefore, a good way to recognize that you are in the state of Mexico and no longer in Mexico City is when you can see the beautiful "Satelite" Towers, a contemporary monument that distinguishes this urban zone.

Bounding north allows tourists and visitors to explore a little bit beyond the city limits. Therefore, other interesting places include from the Four Roads "Toreo", which nowadays functions as a show center, towards the outer city limits to the Pyramids of Santa Cecilia, the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Tenayuca archaeological zone or Tepotzotlan.

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