Mexico City Napoles & Del Valle, Mexiko City

Two attractive neighborhoods in the borough Benito Juarez, in the center of Mexico City, are Colonia Napoles and Colonia del Valle. Since these two colonies are neighbors, their limits are to the north with Miguel Aleman Freeway, to the south with Jo

In the Benito Juarez borough, in the center of Mexico City, neighborhoods Del Valle and Napoles represent 2 options for tourists who want to know today´s dynamic Mexico City.

Important business centers, spaces for artistic expressions, and excellent gastronomy and entertainment offer make these 2 colonies or neighborhoods really attractive both for visitors and for local people.

Colonia del Valle and Colonia Napoles are known by their numerous parks, their ample streets, and their commercial expansion. Some of the most famous buildings of Mexico City are within these districts, like the World Trade Center.

In this important business center of the Napoles colony, different exhibitions and other activities are permanently organized. Besides, the center features offices, department stores, cinemas, and hotels.

As part of the WTC, the Polyforum Siqueiros houses artistic expressions such as theater plays. On its facades, murals of the great painter Siqueiros can be admired.

Napoles and Del Valle are situated next to Insurgentes Avenue in its southern section. This important avenue, which is the longest of the world, features parks, public squares, monuments, nice stores, shopping centers, hotels, bars, and diverse restaurants.

Del Valle offers during the spring season a natural spectacle regarding its trees, called jacarandas, that by that time of the year, they flower beautiful purple-violet tones.

Del Valle features beautiful parks, like the 1930´s Sunk Park with a nice floral clock. In addition, Parque Tlacoquemecatl or Art Garden Tlacoquemecatl is a zone developed in the Colonial period. A big ranch or hacienda named Santa Anita was located here. Nowadays, it presents art expositions on weekends showing paintings of local artists.

Just one and a half block from Sunk Park is Park San Lorenzo, where a church of the same name is located. The temple is a beautiful building from the seventeenth century that both local people and tourists admire. Visiting the park is a nice experience due to its tranquility just a couple of blocks away from one of the most important avenues of the city.

Either at the fountain of California Square or in the Sucre Park with its 1920´s French Kiosk, visiting neighborhoods Del Valle or Napoles is highly recommended due to their history, their attractions, and their beauty.

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