Mexico City - Mid Insurgentes Area, México City

The Avenue of the Insurgentes is the largest avenue in the city. It has a length of 28.8 kilometers and serves as one of the main roads of the Federal District. It starts from the Aqueduct of Guadalupe in the North of the city to the intersection wit

"Avenida de los Insurgentes" or Avenue of Insurgentes, is recognized as the street that connects the city from North to South. Due to the extent of this avenue, visitors can enjoy many places for recreation, shopping and businesses. Some of the most recognized are the World Trade Center, Teatro Insurgentes, "Parque Hunido" or Sunk Park, Plaza Insurgentes, Cuicuilco archaeological zone, Polyforum Cultural, "Palacio de Bellas Artes" or Palace of Fine Arts, Museum of Anthropology and many others.

The International Airport of Mexico is 8 miles away from this area.