Mexico City Condesa - Roma, Mexico City

Located in the central southwest section of Mexico City, the zone Condesa-Roma belongs to Miguel Hidalgo and Cuauhtemoc boroughs. This zone borders north with Polanco and the Pink Zone; east with the traffic circle of Insurgentes; west with Chapultep

Located in the central southwest section of Mexico City, the zone Condesa-Roma belongs to Miguel Hidalgo and Cuauhtemoc boroughs. Art Deco and avant gard architecture together with open expression of art and commercial boom, make Condesa-Roma an interesting location for those who are seeking contemporary Mexican trends. Tourists enjoy visiting these neighborhoods of the city due to their beauty and their possibilities of art and entertainment.

The urban development of Condesa neighborhood started in the early twentieth century. However, it was until 1924 with the construction of two horse racetracks that these neighborhoods began to flourish. This is the reason why today, two important avenues here are circular.

Two beautiful parks are symbols to this Condesa neighborhood: Park Mexico and Park España, both with gorgeous fountains and, the former, with an art deco open-air theater.

Another noticeable aspect of this neighborhood are the beautiful traffic circles by Iztaccihuatl public square and Popocatepetl traffic circle.

An intellectual and bohemian ambiance has grown in this neighborhood. This has been due to the appearance of a commercial boom that includes restaurants, bars, art galleries, bookstores, antiquities, movie theaters, and spaces for diverse art expressions, all of which have contribute to an interesting renaissance of the zone.

Regarding Roma neighborhood which encompasses south and north section, most 20th century architectural styles are reflected in their buildings. Although real state is lower in price than that of its neighbor, cosmopolitan Roma colony, features Art Nouveau and classic styles. Buildings such as the Holy Family Church, Casa Lamm, today a cultural center, and the Balmori building are good examples to it.

Perhaps two of its most distinctive symbols are Rio de Janeiro square as well as the square of the Cibeles, which is a reproduction of the one in Spain.

Three Metro or collective transport system stations are located in this zone to make a visit easier: Metro Patriotismo, Metro Chilpancingo, and Metro Chapultepec. A the same time, the new metrobus has stops on the following streets: Sonora, Campeche, Chilpancingo, and Nuevo Leon.

It does not matter if you prefer folklore, traditions or, maybe, the trendiest international fashion, you will have the chance to be entertained both in the Condesa or the Roma neighborhoods.

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