Mazatlan Zona Dorada, Mexico

Mazatlan Zona Dorada is 4 miles (6.5 km.) north of Downtown. It starts at the point known as the Sheik, where Av. del Mar and Rafael Buelna cross, and it ends at Marina El Cid.

Mazatlan Zona Dorada is the section of the city where most hotels, restaurants, bars, and discos of this tourist center are located. Walking or shopping, enjoying sun or beaches or tasting dishes of various first class cuisines are options in Mazatlan Zona Dorada.

Today Mazatlan Zona Dorada is considered very cosmopolitan, but 50 years ago it was a lagoon with swamps. Investment on tourism allowed Zona Dorada to flourish and to turn it into a symbol of progress and growth of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan Zona Dorada has from cheap hotels to opulent lodging options with sea views. A recent tourist development within Zona Dorada is Marina Mazatlan. Exclusive condos in front of the Pacific Ocean have been built there with luxury.

Most of Mazatlan nightlife happens in Zona Dorada. One of the places you really ought to visit if you like partying with friends is Fiesta Land. It is considered Mazatlan fiesta headquarters. It is an Arabian style complex with different options for nightlife fun in this port.

In Mazatlan Zona Dorada are the most visited beaches by tourists. Two of them are "Playa Camaron" and "Playa Gaviotas". Its beauty distinguishes Mazatlan and sunsets here are among the best you can contemplate. On these beaches a great variety of water sports are practiced and there are excellent spots for surfers too. The list includes wave-runners, para-sailing, kayaks, hoby-cats, and banana rides. Beaches in Zona Dorada attract a lot of people and weekends they might be a little bit too boisterous. Sellers will offer their products, which include from removable tattoos or braids to handicrafts or fruit.

Sport fishing is another frequent activity in Mazatlan. You will find different points in the city where fishing fleets offer this entertainment. There are many off the water activities in Mazatlan Zona Dorada, though. Some of them are Triple A baseball, bullfights, or a show with seals. You can visit a botanical garden or the largest aquarium of the country, with a shark section that will surprise you.

Mazatlan Zona Dorada is the section of the city that most entertainment and lodging options for tourists has. More than one million visitors in search for sun, relaxation, and fun come every year to Mazatlan Zona Dorada. The best restaurants, plenty of nightlife options, and the most luxurious hotels are situated here.


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