Mazatlan Downtown, Mexico

Mazatlan Downtown is located between Olas Altas Avenue to the north and Teniente Azueta Street to the south. It is the oldest zone in the city and it is where local people do live.

Mazatlan, in the west part of Mexico and in front of the Pacific Ocean, has an international airport that is about 30 minutes from Downtown. There are daily flights from the United States and Canada and Mazatlan is practically connected with the world through Mexico City and Los Angeles, California. By sea, ferries arrive every day from La Paz, Baja California Sur, as well as prestigious cruise lines. By land, Highway 15 Mexico - Nogales binds Mazatlan to south, center, west, and north of the country; while "Panamericana" Highway 40 links Mazatlan with the east and northeast of Mexico.

Mazatlan Downtown is a unique destination with narrow streets and colonial houses. It is very safe and you can take tours to know the interesting points of this area. Another option is to explore by yourself, which is also recommended. Activity is very evident in the boisterous market, but also in Machado Square, where musicians, troubadours, artists, and all kind of sellers meet. Most of the buildings in the Historical Downtown have neoclassical and colonial architecture and they are from the XIX Century. You should also visit Angela Peralta Theater and the Art Museum.

On a "Pulmonia", that are vehicles without doors and windows, it is very pleasant to travel through famous "Paseo del Centenario". If you want to know an authentic Mexican life style or to eat excellent "tacos" and seafood, you should not miss Mazatlan Downtown.

Walk High Waves or "Paseo Olas Altas" is in this zone, too. Here you can admire the Deer monument as well as the shield of the State of Sinaloa. On this area and in the rest of the city, monuments with different topics can be seen, like the monument to the "Mazatleca" Woman, to Continuity of Life, or to artist Pedro Infante. Famous city carnival takes place on this avenue.

There are two famous beaches in Mazatlan Downtown. One of them is High Waves. The other one is North Beach and it is one of the largest. It goes from monument to the Millennium to monument to the Fisher, known as "Los Monos Bichis". Early each morning, fishermen arrive there with their collection. North Beach is one of the most beautiful symbols in this port.

Mazatlan has been from its origin a city of work and commerce for local people, this has allowed the city to keep its identity. Mazatlan Downtown has high historical value and its architecture is from XIX Century. Old Mazatlan or Historic Downtown is known as European Zone, too. These factors combine with kindness and naturalness of people of Mazatlan and, as a result, you will feel as if you were home.


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