Mazatlan Cerritos, Mexico

Mazatlan Zona Cerritos is located 20 minutes away from Downtown and 5 minutes north of Zona Dorada or Golden Zone in an area of recent development known as New Mazatlan. Los Cerritos is the area that represents the northern limits of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan, in the west side of Mexico and in front of the Pacific Ocean features an international airport located about 30 minutes from Downtown. There are daily flights from the United States. Mazatlan is practically connected with the rest of the world through Mexico city and Los Angeles. By sea, ferries arrive every day from La Paz city, in the state of Baja California Sur, as well as prestigious cruiser lines. By land, Highway No. 15, Mexico – Nogales, links Mazatlan with the south, center, west and north of the country; meanwhile, Panamericana Highway No. 40 links east with northeast of Mexico.

Mazatlan Zona Cerritos is an area of recent creation where you will find all integral services that a city requires, both for its inhabitants and for its visitors. Luxurious hotels and resorts, shopping and handicrafts malls, restaurants, markets, car and motorcycle rentals, clinics and hospitals, travel agencies, beauty saloons, and real state companies are only a part of what you will find in Mazatlan Zona Cerritos.

In Mazatlan Zona Cerritos there are two beaches that stand out due to its beauty, they are "Playa Sabalo" and "Playa Cerritos". These beaches are considered semi-virgins and they are really exotic and sandy. Since there are not many hotels, these beaches are not crowded, so they are excellent for peaceful sun bathing and for incomparable sunsets. The sand is very white and it is safe to swim in these beaches. However, waves are strong occasionally and it is necessary to be very careful. Beaches are well kept and they have nice green areas at their different accesses.

Food options at Zona Cerritos are really astonish. There are more than 130 restaurants which offer an extensive variety of cuisines: Mexican, Spanish, Argentinian, International, Italian, Oriental, Sea food, and Fast food. Bars options are wide too; there are more than two dozens.

Attractions are not only for delicious food. You can also go bowling, enjoy a film, ride a catamaran, have a party on a boat, see a bullfight, visit a water park, or fish a marlin or a swordfish.

Fun options in Mazatlan Zona Cerritos are limitless. Together with other zones of Mazatlan, this zone offers visitors all the possibilities to enjoy beaches, sunsets, shopping, relaxation, history, and vitality of the people of Mazatlan.


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