Tenacatita, Manzanillo

Located in the Costa Alegre in the state of Jalisco, Tenacatita is 43 km. or 27 miles northwest of Barra de Navidad. It is 9 km. or 5 miles from the intersection of Highway 200 that runs from Nayarit to the southern border of the country. This small

This small beachfront settlement has tranquil waters and extensive beaches. These reasons have attracted several tourists who enjoy the sun and the uncrowded places.

Just a few steps from Tenacatita beach is La Mora beach, which is regarded as one of the best snorkeling spots in the Costa Alegre. The place known here as the Aquarium is worth the visit.

This destination is preferred by travelers with campers since it is really economic to camp on the beach.

However, Tenacatita offers also good hotels that satisfy any tourist expectations. Besides, there are apartments with kitchenette available.

There are several restaurants on Tenacatita beach and they all serve the specialty known as "Rollo del Mar", which is fish fillet stuffed with chopped shrimp and octopus. Recipes may vary from place to place to cook the dish with different types of sauces, although the flavour will remain exquisite.

While in Tenacatita, it is recommended to take a tour, like a mountain biking tour, a yacht trip, a snorkel tour, or a jungle and river tour. All of them are available through tour operators in the area.

Tenacatita is great for hiking too. Many prefer just to relax under a shadow while enjoying a beer and the nice ambiance in this Costa Alegre spot.

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