Colima City, Manzanillo

Located 224 km. or 139 miles south of Guadalajara, the city of Colima in the state of the same name, is reachable by Highway 54. Interesting architecture, fun recreational sites, and outstanding regional cuisine are some of the best attractions of th

The first settlements in this region date from the V century BC by Otomi people from whose culture comes the name Colima. The word means "place ruled by the old god". The Spanish colonists came in the XVI century and founded the Village of Colima with the first city government in the west side of the New Spain. It was until the XIX century when Colima became officially a city in 1828.

The city of Colima is the capital of the state of the same name and it offers plenty of opportunities for its visitors to have a great time. Firstly, tourists can enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Palace of Government featuring neoclassical style and murals from local painter Chavez Carrillo. Then is the pink quarry cathedral that is a delight for the eyes. And the Hidalgo Theater from the XIX century with a rich interior decoration is worth the visit.

The city is full of palm trees that with their green leaves and among the colonial buildings and houses produce a nice, very enjoyable provincial flavour.

Inhabitants of Colima enjoy being outdoors, therefore, spaces like Freedom Park, Regional Park, and traditional Flat Stone Park are visited both by local and visitors to spent a good time.

More fun can be found in metropolitan parks like the Griselda Alvarez Park where visitors can swim in an pool with artificial waves and slide through its toboggans.

Colima is rich in culture, history and traditions. Therefore, several museums invite tourists to know more about the city and the state. The Regional History Museum is located in the Freedom Park and offers both a rich recount of Colima past time and a wide variety of cultural and artistic expressions. The Museum of Western Cultures displays more than 700 hundred archaeological pieces. The University Museum of Popular Cultures rescues the rich and vast folklore of Colima.

Several archaeological zones can be visited in Colima. "El Chanal", for instance, is 6 km. north of the city. Another one is named "La Campana" or The Bell and it is an example of great hydrological architecture. Besides, the landscape in this extensive zone includes the Volcano of Fire creating a magical ambiance.

Just 10 minutes northwest of Colima is Villa de Alvarez, a gorgeous town full of attractions and traditions that tourists should visit. Among its attractions are the Parish of San Francisco of Asis and the "ex Hacienda del Carmen". Besides, since the XVII century, "La Petatera" is a tradition that involves the construction of a stadium-like ring to perform bullfights and "Charro's" festivities.

Colima offers excellent gastronomy and it is famous for its candies and sweeties that when visiting this city, everyone should try.

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