Ixtapa, Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo

Ixtapa, a modern, government-planned tourist resort, is located in the northwest part of the state of Guerrero on the coast of the Mexican Pacific. It is about 144 miles or 240 km. north from Acapulco using National Highway 200. West of Ixtapa is del

Ixtapa is a deluxe tourist destination in Guerrero, Mexico where visitors find spectacular hotels, shopping malls, golf courses, beaches, restaurants, discos, bars and an endless list of activities while on vacations. More than 60 cruiser arrivals are registered yearly in Ixtapa, in the "Costa Grande" or Large Shore of the state of Guerrero. side-trips to many interesting towns in the surroundings are highly recommended. Average maximum temperature is 90°F or 32°C and average low is 77°F or 25°C.

Ixtapa began to be developed in the year 1970 and it has grown as one of the major destinations of Mexico.

Many activities happen in Ixtapa. The list might be almost endless and it includes playing tennis or golf, fishing, diving, snorkeling, sightseeing, hiking, sailing, water-skiing, swimming, surfing, body-surfing, etc.

Among the main beaches in Ixtapa, visitors should try Las Gatas, La Ropa, Contramar, La Madera, and El Palmar.

Ixtapa features several shopping malls with luxury businesses, boutiques, restaurants, bars, and discos. Huge skyscraper hotels face the beachfront and there is a modern marina surrounded by coconut plantations, residences, rental properties, hostels, and small hotels.

Tours and side trips are available to nearby points. For instance, Troncones, a small ecologic destination developed in the 90´s, is about 45 km. or 28 miles from Ixtapa; Barra de Potosi, about 25 minutes south by car, offers a large beach, boat tours on its lagoon, and several, really fresh, seafood options; Isla Ixtapa, a small island located 20 minutes by boat from Ixtapa, is most visited to practice water sports, especially scuba diving, sailing, and windsurfing.

Petatlan represents another option to tour and it is only 40 minutes by car from Ixtapa. It is a great town famous for its market of gold and its archaeological site.

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