Silao, Guanajuato

Silao is a city rich in historic architecture, thanks to its 27 temples and countless colonial buildings. Additionally, it has natural wonders like the Cerro del Cubilete, considered the geographical center of the country. In the highest part of its

Its full name is Silao de la Victoria. It is located in the central western state of Guanajuato and borders to the north and east with Guanajuato City, to the south with Irapuato, to the southeast with Romita, and to the west with the municipality of Leon.

Silao is an agricultural and industrial city over the highway Leon - Irapuato, and located 25 km from Leon's downtown. Guanajuato city is 15 km, Irapuato is 25 km and the Bajio International Airport is just 5 minutes away.