Irapuato, Guanajuato

Located in the south central part of the state of Guanajuato, the city of Irapuato is between 2 hills, Arandas and Bernalejo, and between 2 rivers, Silao and Guanajuato. To the north are the municipalities of Guanajuato and Silao, to the east is Sala

Spanish colonists established in this place in the middle of the XVI century raising cattle and supplying goods for the surrounding mining towns. But it was only at the end of the XIX century when officially Irapuato became a city.

Visitors should not miss the Founders Square since it is a nice place just to spent leisure time enjoying the weather or, perhaps, learning about Irapuato´s history. A sculpture and a fountain complete this place.

The City Hall is housed in a building from the year 1800. However, it became the political office in 1875. An interesting mural, by local painter Salvador Almaraz, can be appreciated in its interior.

Many beautiful Catholic temples are located in Irapuato to prove the richness of its colonial architecture. Some of them are the Temple of San Jose, the Temple of the Third Order, the Temple of San Francisco, and the Little Hospital Church.

Besides, Irapuato proudly shows a beautiful fountain known as the Dolphins Fountain. It was a gift from Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg in 1864, together with two other fountains for the cities of Leon and Guanajuato.

Irapuato offers a zoo named Hidalgo Zoo. This beautiful zoo has a wide variety of animals, an artificial lake, boat rentals, and an aviary. Children and adults enjoy spending part of the day here.

A number of celebration and festivities are organized in Irapuato. For instance, on January 5th, the Procession of the Tree Kings takes place to commemorate the arrival of the kings visiting new-born Jesus.

The festival to celebrate the foundation of the city is held on February 15th. A wide variety of civic, artistic, and cultural events is organized this day.

Given the main economic activity in Irapuato, agriculture, Expo Strawberry is in March. Commercial, industrial, and handicraft exhibitions are displayed as well as several cultural functions.

Other festivals include the Virgen of Solitude celebration, Eraitzicutziod Festival, Agro-Industrial Expo, and Neighborhoods Christmas festivities.

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