Celaya, Guanajuato

Located on the Mexican central plateau in the state of Guanajuato and known as the Golden Door to El Bajio, the city of Celaya is west of Queretaro and east of Irapuato and Salamanca. North of Celaya is San Miguel de Allende, whereas south are Acam

To arrive to Celaya is really easy due to its excellent geographic location and modern double-lane highways. Coming from Queretaro, highway 45 leads to Celaya; from Morelia highway 49 takes you to this city whereas from San Miguel de Allende, highway 51 reaches Celaya.

Tourist attractions that visitors should know in Celaya include the Mummy Museum, located in the old cemetery; it has a permanent exhibition of 22 mummified corpses. The Column of Independence, built by artist Tresguerras, was the first monument constructed once the country was free and sovereign. At the same time, Celaya is distinguished by the Water Tower that has become a symbol of the city. This tower was inaugurated at the beginning of the twentieth century due to the celebrations of the first 100 years of the beginning of Mexico's Independence War.

Many churches built in the seventeenth century are part of Celaya's urban landscape: Church of the Third Order, Del Carmen Temple, San Francisco Convent, San Agustin Church, House Tithe - where the tourist office is located -, the City Hall, Tresguerras Mausoleum, and the Juarez Theater.

Starting January 12th. until the 20th., Celaya celebrates the Black Earths Festival in honor to the Virgin of Guadalupe. The Holy Week in late March and – sometimes – in April is characterized by the silent processions that travel across the city. In May, the Fare of the Tree and the Flower is hosted by the Business Women Club of the city. The Fair of El Carmen is celebrated in July and it gathers families to spent wonderful time enjoying food and games for everyone.

As in every town, city, or community in Mexico, November 1st and 2nd are devoted to the deaths; Celaya is no exemption and traditional visits with flowers to the cemetery can be seen both days. December 8th is a special day because it celebrates the Virgin of Celaya known as the Immaculate Conception. Toward the end of the year, Christmas and New Year´s Eve are good reasons to organize the last fair of the year that includes a colorful parade.

Celaya is well known in the country for its high quality candies and creams, especially the so named "cajetas", made of milk, which are delicious and can be tasted in different flavors, such as vanilla, pine nut, or coconut.