Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara

Located in the southwest part of Guadalajara Metropolitan area, Tlaquepaque is a suburb that tourists should not miss when visiting this city. Tlaquepaque is a place where excellent bargains can be obtained regarding handmade goods, furniture, fine c

To arrive to Tlaquepaque the best way is to take a taxi. Besides, although many guides offer their services, it is not really necessary to have one while visiting this suburb.

To enhance any shopping experience in Tlaquepaque, bed & breakfast hostels have recently opened their doors, so tourist can spent the night in Tlaquepaque and go on with their shopping the next day. While shopping, visitors can make a stop to have lunch at sidewalk restaurants or "patio cafes". Mariachi music is heard everywhere; some people argue that this Music was born here in Tlaquepaque.

One of the best places to eat and to rest from walking under the sun in Tlaquepaque is called El Parian, where excellent food and Margaritas are served amid one of the most Mexican ambiances.

Prices for furniture and handicrafts in Tlaquepaque are reasonable. Most stores offer fix prices, however, if you buy a considerable quantity of goods, you may ask for a discount. Regarding shipping and handling, most shops here can make arrangements for buyers.

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