Cuernavaca, Morelos

Cuernavaca, capital city of the state of Morelos, is 85 km or 53 miles south from Mexico city. East of Cuernavaca is Cuautla and then the state of Puebla.

From cities like Puebla or Mexico, the best way to arrive to Cuernavaca is by land, either by car or by bus. Highway 95 runs from Mexico city. Buses are available at Mexico city airport that go directly to Cuernavaca. Buses depart also from Taxqueña, the southern bus station in Mexico city. There is a small airport in Cuernavaca for domestic and regional flights. Since there is a lot to see both in Cuernavaca and its surrounding area, to rent a car is a good option if you like to travel in this region.

The city has witnessed the presence of several characters throughout history. For example, in the sixteenth century, Hernan Cortez established his residence here, and later, in the nineteenth century, Maximilian and his wife, Carlota, used to spent weekends away from the capital of the country in this city.

The charming colonial city downtown offers interesting attractions for tourists including good hotels, excellent restaurants, health spas, museums, and historical buildings as old as of the XVI Century. Visits to the center should include the Cathedral, which was completed in 1552, the beautiful Borda Garden which origin goes back to the 1700, the Cortez Palace, where the Museum Cuauhnahuac is located, the Brady House, which is and art gallery and a museum, the Siqueiros Workshop, among many others places. There is plenty of late-night entertainment too.

Cuernavaca is surrounded by energy sources like volcanoes, springs, rocks, and mountains. Therefore, the city is known for its excellent spa services. Nearby Cuernavaca, places like the waterfall Salto de San Anton and the Maximilian House, built in 1866, that today houses the Traditional Medicine Museum, are two good locations that tourists should know. Besides, Tepoztlan, a magical town a few miles away, offers many natural and cultural attractions, such as mountains treks, an archaeological spot, and its colorful market, full of life and traditions. Don't miss the "quesadillas" that are prepared there, they are simply exquisite.

In addition, Cuernavaca is also known as a great place to learn Spanish. People of different ages like to spent from a couple of weeks to 6 months, or even more, to get a better and faster understanding of Mexican culture and language.

Hotels for every budget and different restaurants with varied cuisines are some other good reasons to spend either a day or a few days in this wonderful warm city.


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