Cozumel Country Club

Cozumel island besides being well known all over the world as one of the top destinations for vacations, offers a great golf course as well, designed by Nicklaus Group. At Cozumel Country Club you will be able to enjoy your favorite sport in one of t

The Cozumel Country Club is one of the most stunning golf courses around, with 6,734 yards on a 18-hole course. It is a par 72. It offers all the facilities you can expect from a high class golf including putting range, tee practice, a great restaurant, pro shop, etc…

The designers of the golf course made a commitment to perfectly blend the Country Club with the surrounding nature. They achieved a stunning result with intact jungle challenging all golfers. The player will have a terrific experience in the nature of Cozumel.

The golf course was designed to offer a wonderful day for the professional as well as the amateur player. Spending your whole day practicing your favorite sport under the sun of the Caribbean, in the middle of one of the most relaxing golf courses of the Riviera Maya, surrounded by nature is a great way to enjoy your vacation.

It is easy to reach the Cozumel Country Club. It is located only 10 minutes from Cozumel pier, and 15 minutes from the airport. From Cancun, it takes about 2 hours, and from Playa del Carmen around 40 minutes using the ferry. If you stay in any hotels in the Riviera Maya, the best way to reach Cozumel is from Playa del Carmen. There you can choose between a private plane or the hourly ferry.

If you stay in a hotel in Cozumel, ask your hotel if they are members of the Country Club to get promotional rates and packages.