Chankanaab National Marine Park in Cozumel is a destination on its own. The park includes one of the most beautiful coral reef of the area, a replica of Mayan ruins village, a great beach and a wide space to practice snorkel and diving. It also have

The Park can be divided in 6 different sections.

The beach is quite beautiful with white sand, palm tree and various small Palapas to provide you with shade. The Northern part of the beach includes a small inlet perfect for small children to play and swim. As the park is facing the Yucatan peninsula, the wave and the currents are not as strong as on the other side of the island, facing the open sea.

Chankanaab Park also includes a famous botanical garden. You can walk around, in small path of with stone and sand, under the shadow of the trees and discover various types of vegetation particular from the area.

Beside the Botanical garden, you will find the exact replica of a Mayan village, with its small houses and artifacts. Discover the past of the island, and the everyday life of its inhabitants. Then you will encounter more than 50 copies of the most famous statues and ruins of the Pre-Hispanic civilization, including the Toltec, Maya and Aztec.

The Snorkeling and Diving center located on the beach is the perfect place to explore the wonderful underwater world of the Caribbean with the second largest coral reef barrier of the world laying at the bottom. Also sunken around the coral you will find several artifact including statues which are fun to observe. Chankanaab Park is also known for its flourishing number of tropical fish of different species. For experienced divers, the park is the starting point for various dive tours all around the Island with impressive caves to discover.

Swimming with Dolphin is probably the most known attraction at the park. This interactive program allow you to learn about the dolphins then head to the open water to share a swim with them. This is truly one in a life time experience. We highly recommend you to take this tour. Also close is the famous Sea Lion Show. This is great for the family, the children love it.

Then the last part is the lagoon and the jungle pond. Those are ideal spot to refresh yourself, to observe the virgin nature and discover the lush jungle. The lagoon on the other side is filled with water from the sea and is crystal clear. You can enjoy the particular coral reef that develop there and the thousands of tropical fish swimming around.

Chankanaab Park is located south of the city of San Miguel de Cozumel, on the east coast of the island. You can easily reach it by taxi from downtown or from the Cruise ship pier. There is a taxi stand at the park to allow you an easy ride back to your hotel or to downtown Cozumel.

Chankanaab National Marine Park is one of the highlight of Cozumel. This is a federal protected area. Please refrain yourself from littering and use bio-degradable sunscreen to protect the nature. Please do not collect souvenirs from the park, the coral is a living creature. There is several shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs at the entrance of the park.

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