Museum of Mayan Culture

The museum of Mayan Culture in the city of Chetumal is the most easy to understand and the biggest in the Riviera Maya. Through genuine artifacts, reproductions and the help of the latest multimedia technology, you are able to discover all about the

The Museum of the Mayan Culture is developed in 8 main sections, each one detailing a particular theme. The first section is about the Mayas, their history and the way the expanded within Mexico, Guatemala, Belize. The second section deals mainly with the interaction the Mayas had with nature, including the ocean and the mountain. The third section presents you their cities and the architecture. You will learn about their urban development, their palaces, etc…

The fourth part is about the Mayas and their influence areas, including the intense trade they developed. You will also discover their economical activities including fishing, hunting, agriculture and more. The fifth section of the museum is about the relation between the Mayas and the world as they conceived it. It explains in detail the underworld, the terrestrial world and the celestial one. The next section is maybe one of the most interesting ones, explaining the sciences the Mayas developed including their calendar, the solar system and astronomy in general, the mathematics and the writing system.

The seventh section is about the relation the Mayas developed with the other population around their world such as the Toltecs, the Teotihuacans, etc… The last section explains the disappearance of the Mayas, the interaction with the Spaniards, the prophecies the Mayan Priests made about these events and the end of their world.

The museum is located in downtown Chetumal, a few blocks from Holiday Inn Hotel. Chetumal is at the border with Belize and can be easily reached by bus from Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum. Traveling time from Tulum is 4 hours. Inside Chetumal, we suggest you to use taxis.

The Museum is open daily from 9:00AM until 7:00PM but on Friday and Saturday it closed at 8:00PM. There are guides available at the entrance of the museum, they are fluent in English. Chetumal is the capital of the State of Quintana Roo, few miles away from Belize. It is an ideal place to start the exploration of the Maya Wolrd.