Before the border with Guatemala, in the state of Chiapas, the city of Tapachula is accessible by Highway 200 coming from Tonala and by Highway 190 coming from Comitan. The city bases its economy in agriculture and coffee plantations. Nearby is an ar

Tapachula is not a coastal city although Puerto Madero, under its jurisdiction, represents its gate to the sea. This is the main trading port of the state of Chiapas and since the XIX century different crop products are shipped from here to serve both national and international markets.

An extinct volcano named El Tacana is the place where the city of Tapachula is located. Coffee and other agriculture related products in the area, such as bananas, cacao, and sugarcane provide the main economic support of the most southeastern city of the country.

Tapachula, like other destinations in the state of Chiapas, features an archaeological zone, this one is called Izapa and it is located in the highlands of the Sierra Madre of this state. However, the excavating works have just recently began. Therefore, its promotion is not currently happening.

When visiting Tapachula, tourists should get to know the Cathedral named San Agustin, which features colonial style. In addition, the Buena Esperanza (Good Hope) Temple is worth the visit.

The city features an archaeological museum that exhibits interesting findings that have been made within this region.

Tapachula is also known for its handicrafts. Ironwork and wickerwork, like baskets, chairs, and tables elaborated by local artisans are available in the local market.

One of the main events of the city takes place in February -and sometimes in March. It is the City Fair that features cattle, agricultural, and commercial exhibitions.

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