Ixtapan de la Sal, Mexico City

Ixtapan is a place of entertainment and relaxation, which constantly renews its tourist services and has a peculiar kindness by their inhabitants. Ixtapan de la Sal, comes from the Nahuatl language and is composed of two words: iztatl and pan, meanin

Ixtapan of salt is located in the State of Mexico, approximately at 52 miles from the City of Toluca and 84 miles Southwest of Mexico City. The predominant climate is semi humid with rain and in summer, mean annual temperature is 17.9° Celsius and the minimum of 1° Celsius. Ixtapan has several rivers that cross the municipal territory which become streams in times of drought. It also has thermal water springs with healing properties, which are used as a tourist attraction, generating revenue to the municipality. According to the population count in 2005, the INEGI revealed that the town has a total of 30,073 inhabitants.

Ixtapan de la Sal has a wide variety of vegetation such as: oak, pine, cedar, ash, avocado, amate, palm trees, palo dulce, and tepeguaje Pirula, among others. It also has abundant wildlife species such as badger, hare, coyote, bobcat, skunk, ferret, opossums, squirrels, and fox among other cacomixtle also birds, reptiles and insects. The colonial architecture of Ixtapan is a footprint left by the Spaniards according to their history, after the conquest in the mid-sixteenth century, and an example of this architecture is the Church of the Assumption of Plateresque in the interior retains the a sculpture of Christ cane size known to the townspeople as the Lord of Forgiveness. Ixtapan held in several major festivals such as Carnival, the regional fair, Easter and the feast of San Isidro Labrador, which are held from February to May, and the Tourism Fair.

Agriculture is the main activity in the communities of the municipality and it is only familiar production and the sale in the flea market on Sunday. As for livestock, has only production for own consumption. There are approximately 5,000 hives controlled by various manufacturers, one of them is Miel Vita Real, which controls 93% of industries and their marketing is at the international level.

Ixtapan de la Sal offers various recreational activities in addition to a classic and beautiful landscape of the people of Mexico with cobbled streets and red tile roofs. It has luxurious and elegant hotels that offer facilities of international quality, including some with spa, golf and tennis among others. It also has clubs and bars around the hotels, travel agencies, golf courses, equestrian club, craft shops and excellent restaurants where you can enjoy the traditional Mexican cuisine and some international specialties.

Among its most important tourist attractions it has The Spa Ixtapan Spa and Water Park, which offers fun for children and adults and has modern facilities, has a children's area with interactive games and wading, an area for adults with slides, River waves, sports pool, indoor pool and hot springs, an area that has a family trenesito, grills, gazebo, sports fields and an artificial lake. Also offers restaurant services, lifeguard, changing rooms, medical service, store toiletries. And has a thermal spa baths with Roman tubs with spa services and massage and physical therapy experts.

"Spa City", which is distinguished by its famous thermal water healing, medicine, exploited for ages by the indigenous matlazincas. Apart from its pools of thermal waters has outdoor wading, sports areas, changing rooms, shops, showers, green areas, life, source of soda, medical service, massages, facials and mud application.

In the City of Ixtapan de la Sal don´t miss the apiary, the Temple of Santa Ana Xochuca, The parish of the Assumption of Mary, The Garden of Martyrs and the canyons of Calderon, and Malinaltenango. You can also visit the attractions such as its surroundings: the caves of the star, 8 miles from Ixtapa, Tonatico village, 3.1 miles from Ixtapa, The archaeological zone Teotenango to stand for 5 minutes to Ixtapan, Villa warrior paradise of flowers in 15 minutes from Ixtapan, The archaeological zone of Malinalco and Tenancingo.

Ixtapan delicious cuisine with a few of their dishes are in the chilacayote pee and pork, red mole with turkey, beef or pancita often. Also snacks like gorditas bean, bean, curd and chicharrón.

Among its highlights crafts pottery, carved wooden stick of copalillo, jugs, dishes and pots Tecomatepec, ornaments for doors, locks and hinges in metal, wood items made especially for stick copalillo and confectionery the production of sweet pumpkin pee between October and November.

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