Uayamon, Champeche

Uayamon means where the spirit descends, or place where the sorcerers descend. Uayamon is an authentic vision of the Mayan traditions.

The weather is hot all year around. The coolest period is from March to April, with 86°F in the daytime and 59°F at night. There are refreshing showers in the afternoon from July to October.

An experience that will make you come close to nature is a visit to the plantations of tropical fruits such as mangoes, watermelons, papayas and the produce and vegetables of the region.

Uayamon is surrounded by a major archaeological zone and colonial villages established from Edzna and Calakmul to the lesser known sides of Balamkú, and from the coast of the Golf of Mexico to the caves of Xtacumbilxunaan.

Uayamon is located just 25 minutes from the airport of the City of Campeche, that's about 19 miles. You must leave Campeche towards the southeast on state highway China-Tixmicuy, pass the detour to the China's village and turn right, there you will find Uayamon.


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