Becan, Campeche

Located almost in the center of the Yucatan Peninsula, in the state of Campeche, the ancient Mayan city of Becan, or ditch of water, was discovered in 1934. The ditch was a fortification around the limestone structured city. Xpuhil or Xpujil, Chicann

Becan has been considered one of the most important area regarding architecture in the Mayan zone of the state of Campeche. The city of Becan features an unusual ditch that surrounds it and some archaeologist consider this a proof either of a constant war situation that the city had to face or the evidence of a rigid social stratification that was a characteristic of this community.

It is believed that the area surrounded by the ditch was reserved for the elite, whereas several minor buildings have been found in the outside. These could have been used as dwellings and storing places for the vast majority of the people. In addition, two of the main square of this ruins are connected by a tunnel.

This pre-Hispanic city features 7 entrances although just one located on the east side functions today for visitors. In Square A, the impressive Structure I has to 15 meter tall towers and it is thought that these towers served for astronomic purposes.

Structure III shows a stairway and a circular altar, whereas Structure IV has an upstairs area and its facade features animal figures.

Square B has more structures and Square C houses the ball game area with two parallel constructions.

Becan is thought to have been inhabited since year 600 BC and it was finally abandoned by year 1450 of our time.

The site can be visited from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and the approximate time of the tour is 3 hours. Nearby sites that can be visited are Chicanna and Xpuhil, among others.


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