Aguascalientes City

The colonial city of Aguascalientes is located in the north central part of Mexico, 537 km northwest of Mexico City. Many hot springs as well as rich colonial architecture make this city truly visitable.

A few decades after the Spanish Conquest that took place in 1521, many adventurous Spanish started journeys towards north of the territory. Thus, in October 22nd of 1575, the Villa de la Ascension – first name of Aguascalientes- wast founded. However, it was until the first years of the XVII Century when this town began to flourish. During the Colonial period, the region was named Nueva Galicia and Aguascalientes played an important role as a middle-of-the-way stop between Zacatecas and Guadalajara.

In Aguascalientes Historic Downtown many beautiful buildings and places can be admired. For example, the Old legislative Palace, the State Historic Archive, the Torres Bodet Library, the House of Culture, and the Teran House. Besides, the murals at the Government Palace are very interesting and the Homeland Square or Plaza Patria is a nice place to spent some time. Museums like the INAH Regional Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art, or the Jose Guadalupe Posada Museum, in the District of Triana, are good examples of other interesting places that this city offers.

The district of San Marcos is special since it is where the world recognized San Marcos Fair takes place every year. Visitors to this event will enjoy from cook fights to elegant casinos or traditional costume contest and cattle exhibitions. The most important day during the fair in April is the 25th.

San Marcos is also known by its Grape Fair and the Pilgrimage of Assumption which are celebrated on August 15th. These festivities include colorful parades, dancing, and many recreational activities.

The abundance of hot springs in this state is the reason for the word Aguascalientes, which literally means hot waters. The Sport Center and Spa Ojo Caliente is a good place to enjoy these springs. Besides, a clothing mall called Plaza del Vestir is a place you should visit to get a wide choice of cotton clothing. And nobody can miss to taste the delicious dishes that the cuisine of this state has to offer, such as birria (steamed lamb casserole), cabrito (baby goat), or Aguascalientes style mole.


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