San Diego Fort

San Diego Fort in the Bay of Acapulco is a traditional landmark of the city and houses an interesting museum about the history of the city, from the first inhabitants to the Spanish conquistadors.

The fort was built in the shape of a 5-pointed star. The Spanish built it between 1614 and 1616, to protect the city from the pirates. It was the largest fortress on the Pacific Coast. Today it presents the history of Acapulco and the state of Guerreo, from the archaeological cultures such as the culture of Mezcala to the Spanish conquest, and their trade route with Manila and the rest of Asia, including the famous Manilla Galleon. You will be able to observe everyday life artifacts including pottery, weapons, exquisitely crafted porcelain imported from the Philippines, exact replicas of the Spanish vessels and other interesting artifacts covering more than 250 years of history. The last room deals mainly with the War of Independence and the capture of the Fort by the Mexican Army leaded by General Morelos.

The museum is located inside San Diego Fort, on top of a hill in the Old Acapulco, close to Caleta and Caletilla beaches, right on the malecon (pier walk). You an easily get to the fort by using the bus along La Costera avenue, or by taxi from any hotels in Acapulco. The fort is close to La Quebrada and the main square in downtown Acapulco.

There is a souvenir shop at the entrance of the museum, right after crossing drawbridge.

The entrance is free on Sundays, just as all the Museum in Mexico. Take advantage of your day downtown, and visit the cathedral and La Quebrada with its famous cliff divers.